Electrical Engineering

Ranging from Infrastructure upgrade, design and re-design of interior spaces, data centers, backup power, to brand new buildings out of the ground, our electrical engineers bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Renewable Energy

In order for Hawaii PE to design the renewable energy system size, we like to get an idea about your electrical load.If this is a residential application, list all the appliances, and devices you plan to power using the new system. To help demonstrate average values of households' power consumption…


We support our clients with a range of services. We offer space planning, master planning, and functional space planning in addition to growth projections, and feasibility studies. We can assist you from the early idea through project definition and feasibility validation.  

Feasibility Studies

If our clients are not sure if a property or site will meet their needs? A feasibility study will give them a detailed assessment of proposed or existing spaces to determine if it will work well for them—before they make a large investment. We analyze sites and buildings to determine…

Mechanical Engineering

Hawaii PE consultant mechanical engineers survey construction sites and design structures. They construction manage, plan and design construction and maintenance of various mechanical systems in buildings and structures to ensure compliance with relevant building codes and safety regulations.

Construction Management

Hawaii PE staff members have extensive experience in residential construction including homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses. We also have extensive experience in both commercial and industrial applications.


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Licensed in Hawaii, Texas, Alaska